VIDEO – Dan Christensen: The Stain Paintings

Ira Spanierman invites you to view the exhibition Dan Christensen: The Stain Paintings, 1976-1988 at Spanierman Modern as well as a retrospective of Christensen works on view at The Armory Show, Booth #240.

Dan Christensen: The Stain Paintings, 1976-1988, features the vibrant and poetic group of abstract paintings created by Dan Christensen (1942-2007), in which the staining of the canvas played a central role. Encompassing wide-ranging and innovative techniques, these color-soaked paintings, with their skeletal, skittish calligraphic lines and unusual harmonies of shape and tone, exude the artist’s pleasure and passion in the act of painting during a particularly joyous time in his life. The exhibition is accompanied by a 32-page catalogue, including color illustrations of the eighteen works in the show and an essay by Lisa N. Peters, Ph.D. (available for $30).

Frank Bowling on YouTube

While preparing Spanierman Modern’s website for the upcoming Frank Bowling show (Sept. 14-Oct. 16, 2010) we discovered two videos of the artist on YouTube. One is an excerpt from a documentary directed by Rose Jones on Frank Bowling’s life and work, featuring interviews in which he describes his experience living in New York (1966-75) and the development of his artwork during that time. The second is a podcast from the U.K.’s Government Art Collection interviewing the artist on his piece in the collection, Kaieteurtoo, 1975. Bowling discusses the influences on this painting, including the landscape of Guyana and Abstract Expressionism in the 1960s.

Videos not displaying? Watch them on YouTube:

Excerpt from Frank Bowling’s Life and Work by Rose Jones

Government Art Collection podcast on Frank Bowling

Betty Parsons

Earlier this year Spanierman Modern held a solo show of Betty Parsons’s work at the Armory in addition to Journeys: The Art of Betty Parsons, an exhibition focused on the relationship of her art to her travels in American and abroad. In the video below Ira Spanierman talks about the artist and reads an interview with Parsons that was published in Women Art magazine in 1977.

Spanierman Gallery-Betty Parsons video from

Video not displaying? Watch it on the Sauve Art Foundation website.

Video: Elaine Grove on Dan Christensen's plaid paintings

In this video clip Elaine Grove and Ira Spanierman discuss Dan Christensen’s Dark Tulip (1970), a painting that was hanging in Dan and Elaine’s loft for many years:
Here is the full video featuring a walk-through of the whole exhibition. We want to thank Elaine again for coming in and talking about her late husband’s work for this video as well as the catalog that accompanied the show. It gives invaluable insight into Christensen’s work and life.