Danowski Painting Joins Westfield Collection

Jasmina Danowski - Linger in a River for Two, 2007

Jasmina Danowski (b. 1960), "Linger in a River for Two," Linger in a River for Two, 2007, ink on paper, 108 x 60 in.

Lisa N. Peters

On July 20, we reported that an exhibition of the vivid abstract works by Jasmina Danowski was the first to be held at the newly renovated Downtown Art Gallery at Westfield State University, Massachusetts. (The show was also part of the Masters Festival of the Arts, an eight-week event sponsored by the Westfield State College Foundation.)  The large multi-layered abstractions, in ink and gesso on paper and oil and alkyd on panel, looked completely at home in the high-ceilinged, sunlit space.  Now, one will be lingering indefinitely, as the appropriately named Linger in a River for Two, nine by five feet, has become part of Westfield’s permanent collection.

The installation ceremony was attended by Nanci Salvidio, executive assistant to the president and associate vice president, Advancement and University Relations, Westfield State University president Evan S. Dobelle, representatives of the class of 1955 and Bob Plasse, assistant to the president, Communications.